The Art of Writing Great Flyers

The Art of Writing Great Flyers


Making and distributing flyers is a quick and convenient way for spreading the word about your business or upcoming event. We have all come across great flyers as well as the bad looking ones. Some of the examples of the latter are flyers with too much of copy, huge or tiny fonts, tacky color combinations and no clear message. You can make your flyers great to look at by following a few simple tips. Flyers can be great as marketing tools. They are able to reach out to a wide base of audience within a brief span of time and can be great tools for advertising events, offers or even raising awareness about your brand.


Sell Sheets Printing

Sell Sheets Printing

The flyers are comparatively easy to produce in large quantities and as a result of their size they can be carried and distributed easily. However, they are a part of a marketing approach that allows you to wait and watch once you have launched your campaign. There is nothing wrong with this as even if they have a low rate of conversion, they can be extremely cost effective, although if you manage to produce a flyer which really grabs the attention of the people and double or triple the conversion rate, you could be the real winner. Hence, the question is: what can make a great flyer?


Things to Include in Great Flyers


Is there anything that separates flyers which you look at and throw away and those that catch your eye, engage the interest of the reader and get them to think about what is out there on offer?


Keep it short and simple: Commonly, people only glance at flyers rather than reading them. There is just a second or so to attract the readers’ attention before they make the decision to either go through it or throw it away. The aim is not to wow the people with brilliant graphics, but attract them to your message and do nothing more. Make sure you put a limit to what you say. Deliver the message in short and clear statements rather than long paragraphs or too much of descriptive text.


Work on the title: If the title does not attract the attention of the reader, there are high chances that they will not be bothered with the rest of the content. This is known as the Hook, in marketing dialect. The headline should be short and catchy and attract the readers’ attention. It should be easy to speak out loudly and easy to understand because this will make your message stick in the mind of the readers. The flyer should have text that shouts out your message loud and clear.


Do not make vague or bland statements such as ‘Drop in to our shop’, but rather ‘The best in the city!’ although it might look over the top and somewhat cliché, but the major reason why businesses use this approach is that it has been proven to work time and again.


Use of images: Images of great flyers should be used in a sensible manner. Images are compulsory to use, but you must not overdo it. Use relevant images and photos as these are an important part of the page design and attract attention but they should not be such that they overwhelm the message that you are trying to convey. Your aim is to motivate the readers for taking action and not merely offer them something to look at.


Good font and color: The text of your flyer should be eye catching and as attractive as the images that are used. Small text or one that is lightly colored can be lost in the busy design and your message will be missed out completely. While the color and font should complement your overall design, they should really be outstanding so that they can stand apart in the competition. Make sure that the color and font are large and bright enough for the reader to see the headline and its contents clearly. This will make sure that people take notice what you want them to know. Capitalize on the keywords and not in a way that is overbearing. This method tends to get lost in its effect.


List benefits: Make a list of the benefits of your services and not the features. People always want to know what services you can offer for them and these are what need to be written down on your flyers. For instance, if you own furniture shop and want to promote your latest sale, no one will want to know when you started your business. All they care about is the fact that you sell a fantastic bed at 30% discount and can deliver it to them within 2 or 3 days so that they can impress their relatives. You also need to tell them about the benefits that it is going to bring in their life.


Break the pages: Flyers can be a fast hit sales piece. Some people will take time to go through them like they do in a magazine. If you break up the page into sections and boxes, the reader will find it convenient to glance through it because the flyer will give them quick bits of information for enticing them and holding their interest. The overall message is then delivered in interesting bits and readers will find them captivating.


What is your offer? Great flyers always have something to offer. It could be a free entry to an event, a free gift or even a discount. The offer should be the main feature of your flyer design layout. Readers should be motivated to take the necessary action and the best way through which you can do it is by giving them something for free. You need to appeal to the selfish nature of people if you want to bring them your way.


Printing of the flyer is the ultimate stage and before doing so, you should make sure that the piece is proof read. Good luck for your marketing efforts.