Enhance Your Communication Package with a Great Letterhead



A professional design of your letterhead is an important element of any business communication. The purpose of the letterhead is to represent your company to the clients. The typical letterhead typically features the company logo and contact details and other important information in corporate color. The letterhead ideally provides information that is easy to read and is consistent with the other aspects of your corporate branding. An effective letterhead is one that is a hallmark of professionalism in terms of business communication.


Tips for a Great Letterhead Design


Here are a few pointers that can help you deliver the right corporate printing message:


  • Define the Letterhead Text: The starting point of any letterhead design is to exactly estimate the text that will be used in the layout. The name and logo of your company can be used in the layout. These are among the relevant details for you to include along with the pertinent contact details. Feature the street or postal address of your company, email and fax and phone numbers on the letterhead. You may also choose to include the slogan of your company, if you so wish.


Printing Catalog

Printing Catalog

  • Choose the Letterhead Font: If you have used a certain typeface somewhere in the corporate identity, it can be suitable to use the typeface in your letterhead design. As a thumb rule, you can even incorporate at least a couple of fonts in any design. Select the fonts in a way that is consistent with the image of the company.


  • Keep the Layout Design Simple: Make sure that the design of your letterhead is easy for your clients to read and understand. A typical letterhead design will be featured with a logo and a company name at the top or left hand corner of the page. The contact details will be found in the top right hand corner. Do leave a lot of white space for the letter content.


  • Use Colors, If Appropriate: The colors of the company are usually used to make sure that the letterhead design is consistent with other corporate branding needs. The company colors re mostly used to make sure that the design of the letterhead is kept consistent with other parts of corporate branding. You must however use the color selectively for emphasizing the name of your company. Limit the color choices to the ones that reflect your corporate identity. White space should be a key factor while designing the business letterhead.


  • Review Proof Copy Carefully: Before ordering the completed letterhead from the printer, print out a proof copy and review it carefully. Make sure that the contact details are correct. Ask for others’ feedback on the design so that it is effective and professional.


Letterhead printing is a great way of promoting your business. Whether you are ordering simple or premium letterheads, you should approach a printer that offers professional services. If it is well-designed, the letterhead will promote your business, product and service. You can use full color with a choice of 2 papers, or use letterheads as billheads, invoices and writing paper. Letterheads are used by all kinds of professionals such as hairdressers, beauticians, plumbers, landscape artists and real estate agents, among others. Here are some important aspects of letterhead printing:


  • Get your design right. A bad design will make others ignore your letterhead printing and throw it in the trash.


  • Instead of printing a bunch of cheap letterheads with an online design template, you will get a better response rate from a professional letterhead that is printed on thick stock.


  • The letterhead should mention something about you and what you do at a glance. They will have the contact details. Hence, a professional letterhead can make or break your business.




Use a responsible printer. While placing your letterhead orders, you should make sure that they are quickly delivered. Using a fast printer that can offer same day printing services is going to help. This might make you pay slightly more but it is going to guarantee higher revenue if the sales are made quicker. If a printer offers higher turnaround speed that suits your budget, you should not have a reason for not hiring them. Same day printing or 24-hour turnarounds can be helpful here.


If you have the time, opt for regular printing services where the prints are delivered within a period of 5 working days. The services are apt if you are not in a hurry to get the prints. The benefits of going for the same day letterhead prints from a noted provider are that the services can be delivered within the same day itself. Next day letterhead printing services are also available where the prints are delivered on the next working day.


You need to hire the services of a professional that has been in the industry for quite some time now. Such printers can help in producing the prints that you are looking for. They have relevant experience in the field and can understand what you want. You don’t need to elaborate too much and spend the time wasting it in providing unnecessary explanations about the color, layout or fonts that you are looking for. A service that is tried and tested will naturally offer high quality prints.


If the company is a noted one, it will not use flimsy and cheap letterhead paper stock for printing the materials or inferior templates that put you across as unprofessional. If you want, you can upload your letterhead artwork or have your in house graphic designers design the letterheads swiftly. You may choose ecofriendly options such as paper stock containing recycled material. These are free of virgin pulp and harmful chemicals such as chlorine.


Another green option to consider would be the use of soy inks instead of the traditional inks. The benefits of using these is that they are less volatile organic compounds than the oil based inks, and produce a bright and vivid image on paper. This makes your letterheads attractive for your clients.