Advertise with Car Window Clings



Car window clings are often discussed products that are more existent hypothetically than in practice. Customers actually love the idea of placing window signs on their vehicles and then remove them whenever they want. If they are advertising on a personal vehicle, they might want to take off the sign once they are not at work. However, this is something that is not possible with car window clings. If you want to take off the sign indeed, opt for the car magnets. This will not go on your windows, but can be taken on and off easily. Technically, static cling material can be applied to a vehicle window and that will make it ‘cling’ until the vehicle is moved.


As there is no adhesive in the static cling, there is nothing to hold the vehicle when it is in motion. Additionally, strong wind, rain or snow can cause the cling to come off the vehicle. Vandalism is yet another possibility; anyone could walk up to your car and peel the cling off! This is a problem that customers deal with by ordering a window cling that goes inside of the vehicle. This will work technically and solve the issue of vandalism and weather damage, but all at the cost of a new problem – tinting.


Almost all vehicle windows are tinted, even if slightly, especially the rear windows which is where most of the car signs are placed. If there is a layer of tinted glass between the reader and the window cling, visibility is very tough, especially from a distance or in case sunlight falls on the window. With all this being said, there are a few instances in which a car window is actually useful. If you are not using the clings for any of the above reasons, you should go for car window decals which are actually durable and adhesive.


Things to Consider


  • Oil Change Decals: In this instance, a car window cling is the right product to choose. The small static clings are added on the top of your windshield which is not tinted after the oil change is done. They are replaced and removed once in 3 months. It is a lot easier to remove the clings than the adhesive decals.


  • Side Window Signs: If you want to advertise or decorate the side windows of your vehicle, a cling could work as a few of the side windows are not tinted. However, you will need to install it inside your vehicle.


  • Parking Passes: If you work for a company which issues parking passes (large corporations, schools, apartment complexes etc.), a car window cling could be the best possible post card prints solution. These need not be seen from a distance, but only by a security card driving or walking through the parking lot. Hence, tinting will not be much of an issue.


If you are not sure whether a car window cling is the right thing for you, you can assume that it is not. Check out something that is more permanent such as a car window decal, unless immovability is an important concern. In that case, you can use the car magnets.


Car Window Clings as Stickers


It can be said that the car window clings are universal decals due to their impeccable design and budget friendly prints. For this reason, a static window cling helps promote your brand image effectively. The clings have glossy designs that can be treated through exclusive graphic design tools and methods. They also have matchless prints that can be created with compatible ink. This is cheap ink and can help you produce thousands of copies within a minute. The lamination makes the stickers look hot and appealing due to their imposing matte and gloss finish. This will guarantee 100% purchase of the static window clings.


Window clings are considered as cultural symbols. They also help in grabbing attention and guaranteeing better brand promotion, everlasting returns and sales rations. If you really want to promote the business logos, think about the custom car window clings. There are also other types of printing services that can help you attract more customers and generate higher revenue. The options could be custom folders, bumper stickers, print labels and door hangers.


Beauty and Appeal of Car Window Clings


The real beauty of the custom window clings lies in the fact that they look lovely and shining as stickers. Clings are gorgeous types of personalized decals. Often, you will spot impeccable and prestigious designs on the car window clings. This is because the clings are often made with highly inventive graphics and designing procedures. In addition to that, they are produced wonderfully with a full color scheme. Do not forget the role that is played by the cheap ink cartridges. It is true that they can help you stand out as unique.


With the special techniques, you can easily produce cost effective copies of your car window stickers. The value of lamination is also important. The truth is that matte and glossy finishing techniques play an important role in enhancing the value of your static window cling. As for the function of the static window clings, they have several uses:


  • They help in instantly adding to your vehicle’s image and recognition with the public.
  • They will also add to your brand image in an unbeatable manner.
  • Another major benefit with the car clings is that they help in escalating your corporate sales and returns in a constant manner.


All of these help in boosting sales. The prestigious and valuable window clings can play a major role in adding to your corporate brand identity in the market. Other than this, you should definitely make use of the vinyl bumper stickers so that they increase your customer retention and brand image. In the end, it can be said that car window signs are highly cost effective and proficient in enhancing your corporate image. Make the maximum use of them today to feel the difference.