Help Your Customers with Mini Menus


Every restaurant or fast food chain requires a menu. That is an essential part of their business which can never be ignored. However, many of these businesses have not yet grasped all the benefits that a menu or mini menus offer. Cheap mini menus marketing plans are neglected by many businesses mainly because they do not know about them. Apart from restaurants, other businesses can also use menus whenever they host dinners or lunches.

There are restaurants which offer a large selection of cuisines and items. They feel a menu will be too cumbersome for customers to browse through. Instead, they print mini menus, which are basically toned down versions of the original menu. Each of these mini menus will correspond to particular cuisine or food section.

Represent Your Business in a Better Light

One of the first things that a visitor to your restaurant will do is to ask for the menu. He will then browse it and then decide on his order. If he does not find your offerings satisfactory, he will leave. Your menu will be taken into consideration when the customer is making his decision. If layout is confusing or it is unreadable, he may decide to leave and never return again.

You will need to create a menu that is functional and appetizing enough so that your visitors turn into your customers. A good design will show that you pay attention to the details. People will feel that you will put in the same effort in your services. An ugly menu is bound to destroy the appetite of your visitors.

Your restaurant may be offering a variety of courses and cuisines. Trying to fit in all of your items into one single menu will make it bulky. People will have a tough time handling the menu. They may become confused about their order as they will get overwhelmed by the sheer variety. This can actually be bad for your business. Your confused customers will end up ordering something just because they need to reach a decision and not because they actually want it. The item they end up ordering may not be enjoyed by them and they will not return thinking that all your items are equally bad. To prevent people from ordering in confusion, you should opt for mini menus.

Each mini menu can contain information about one particular cuisine that is offered by your restaurant. You may also print a mini menu that will be about the dishes that are available for a particular season. If your establishment sells special courses for occasions or other reasons, you can print mini menus for them. This will help conserve money on printing charges for creating complete menus every time there is a change in the dishes offered.

Tips for Mini Menus

Promote the brand

The design and color schemes should all contribute towards crafting your own identity in the crowd. Many restaurant businesses still use the same colors or fonts that they had used when they first started operating. Those colors and fonts have now become symbolic of their identity. That is why design your mini menus in a way that complements the image that you are trying to make of your company.

If your restaurants are designed to impart a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, use the same idea for your mini menus. Use large fonts and bright colors to promote your brand. In the same way, a classy restaurant will need classy mini menus to serve their clients. Browse through various templates before choosing one that looks just perfect for your restaurants. The mini menus should enhance the feel of the restaurant.

Images Are Good

Unless you are running a very classy restaurant, you will need to include snapshots in your mini menus. The photos would be of a very high quality and clarity. Stock images should be avoided like bad eggs. They make your menu feel cheap. Hire a photographer to take photos of your best selling items. A good photograph of food can actually increase the appetite. However, do not go overboard with images. A couple of them will be perfect for your mini menus.

Never Skip out on Color

Color is essential to mini menus. Colors will be able to give a better identity to your business. Moreover, your images will look dull and unappetizing if printed in black and white. The benefits provided by color far overweigh the money saved by going for black and white mini menus. However, the prices and the names of your items need to be clearly stated. They should not become obscure and difficult to read due to bad color schemes. A deeper text color against a lighter background works very well for mini menus.

Use durable materials

Your mini menus will used heavily by your customers. Numerous people will be handling it on a daily basis. This means that you will face tremendous problems if you decide to save money by printing on cheap paper. A thick and bulky paper is perfect for mini menus. They will be more resistant to wear and tear than lighter papers. The colors that you use need to be fade resistant especially if your restaurant features arrangements for outdoor seating.

Poor materials in your mini menus will make your visitors feel that your business itself is cheap. This negative viewpoint can hamper your business and you will register decreased sales and footfall. Good materials will do the exact opposite for your business. You can impart shine and gloss you your mini menus by laminating them.

Use online agencies that print menus to get the best possible deal on your printing requirements. Their service is faster, more accurate and more efficient than most of your local printers. They will also be able to give you discounts and deals on your printing orders.

Mini menus can be more than just a way to inform your clients about your services. Their functionality extends to creating a brand identity for your restaurants. If you send your mini menus through mail, then the design becomes even more vital.



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