Calendar Printing Facts




Printing calendars can help you boost your business quite effectively. It is one of the better marketing tools that you can use for your next advertising campaign. The calendars can help you open up myriad possibilities regarding the promotion of your company, products as well as services.


Why Are Calendars Still So Popular?


A cheap calendar marketing plan can be quite effective at marketing your company for a simple reason. People still use calendars on a regular basis. There is an overabundance of gadgets and digital tools in the life of an average person nowadays. Your customers are bound to have smartphones and other similar items. However, it does not mean that they will find calendars useless. A calendar is still used as a faster way to glance at the current date.


Many still prefer to use calendars to jot down details of important events and appointments. At the same time, you should remember that the calendar is going to be used by the customer for an entire year. On the other hand, you will only spend money on printing them once. That is why return on the investment tends to be higher for calendars than most other printed advertisements.


How to Use Calendars as Marketing Tools?


The most difficult task that you can face while running a marketing campaign using calendars will be the design and printing. Getting your calendars to your customers is actually the easy part of the entire project. This is due to the fact that calendars are useful and practical items unlike most of the other types of marketing tools. You can simply distribute the calendars to your customers by sending them through the mail.


This might incur additional costs as the mailing agency can charge extra for sending your calendars. Another option that you can use is by giving the calendars away to everybody who makes a purchase at your establishments. The idea is to let as many of your customers get a hold of your calendars as possible. Your calendar marketing campaign will become better with a corresponding increase in the number of customers who have your calendars.


Types of Calendars


If you want your calendar marketing campaign to prosper and bring in more clients you will need to make your calendars as unique as possible. One of the ways you can achieve it is by using a different style of calendar for your marketing campaign.


  • The Business Card Type Of Calendar


A business card is an important piece of paper that you will invest in if you are running a company. All companies irrespective of their condition will have business cards. These cards provide the necessary information like contact details and company logo to your clients and customers. The fact is that most business cards have nothing on their backs. The entirety of the back is a blank space. You can print your calendars on this space. This allows you to perform two different tasks together. You will not only be able to provide important information through the business card but also be able to promote your company through the calendar. However, you will need to print business cards every year so that the calendar can be updated.


  • The Poster Type Of Calendar


Posters can be incredible things to have around the house. When they are combined with calendars it makes it more likely for the customer to keep them.  You will need a highly attractive image that is worthy of being printed as a poster. At the same time, the image should be of a higher resolution so that it does not get blurred when being printed. The image will be printed as a poster in a large size. The calendar will be printed on that single sheet of poster instead of different sheets.


The graphic that you choose for this calendar should be a highly interesting one. After all, it will have to be displayed on the wall for at least a year. At the same time you will have to ensure that the logo and the name of your company are clearly visible in spite of the image. You should not forget to place your contact information and any other details that can be important for your company.


  • The Calendar For The Desktop


The calendar is still an important item to be displayed on desks in spite of the widespread use of technology. Almost all business owners keep a calendar on their desks. In fact, the calendar is something that is always seen on desks. A calendar for desks will allow your customer to take down notes, refer to the date, and mark up important dates amongst other activities. All of these activities become very easy thanks to the placement of the calendar on the desk especially when they are in the middle of a conversation over the phone. Afterwards these pieces of information can then be copied over into a digital format by entering the data on the digital calendar on the laptop or the smartphone.


The design for good calendars for desktops happens to be quite a simple affair. There is no need to include a lot of graphics in this type of calendars. Very few of these calendars actually use graphics. Some of these calendars do not have graphics but yet are good, attractive and functional enough for use at the same time. Creativity is however important. You will have to find a way to include the logo as well as other pertinent information about your company in the design and layout of the calendar. These bits of information should be on every page of the calendar so that your customer can view them irrespective of the month.


Printing calendars for promoting your business can be a good marketing indeed. You will have the ability to advertise your company in a useful manner to a large number of people. Apart from your valued customers, their acquaintances, friends and guests might even see your calendars when they are displayed prominently in the homes, offices and other similarly useful areas.

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